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A Scenario is a user-created adventure template, which includes a prompt, memory, quests, world Info, and/or scripting to create a specific story/experience.

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  • 1 The Scenario Editing Menu
    • 1.1 Title
    • 1.2 Description
    • 1.3 Prompt
    • 1.4 Memory
    • 1.5 Quests
    • 1.6 Scenario Options
    • 1.7 Music
    • 1.8 Tags
    • 1.9 NSFW
    • 1.10 Published
    • 1.11 3rd Person
    • 1.12 Mode
    • 1.13 Copy/Duplicate function
    • 1.14 Save function
  • 2 Scripts
  • 3 World Info
  • 4 Tips for creating Scenarios

The Scenario Editing Menu


This will be the title of your scenario, and it is displayed in bold letters at the top of your scenario's entry in the Explore or My Stuff pages. This entry is limited to 70 characters.


The description box is where you'll provide a brief description to help others get an idea of what to expect when playing your scenario. It'll be displayed below the title on the Explore and My Stuff pages, and can be used to describe your setting, scripts, world info, or any other information you feel is necessary to convey to the player. This entry is limited to 400 characters.


Main article: Prompt

The prompt is where you'll really start to design the nature of your scenario. In this box, you'll write out the initial entry point for your player, and it can be used in an outstanding variety of ways. You have the option to declare the player's location, characters they will be dropped next to, or even aspects about the player themselves. This entry is limited to 2000 characters.

(Video) AI Dungeon: Legends of Lorian - Chapter 1 "I'll Catch You Alater!"

Within the prompt, players can provide their own input in your prompts if you enable them to do so with special placeholders.For example: "You are ${}, a knight in the kingdom of ${Enter a country...}"This will give the player two entries. "Enter your character's name..." and "Enter a country..."

${} is unique in that it will prompt the user with, "Enter your character's name..."All other variants will display the text within the {} directly to the player, as is the case with ${Enter a country...}

These input placeholders are capable of being carried over to memory, although they are case sensitive. For example, if the prompt contains "${What is your brother's name?} is your brother" and the memory contains "${What is your brother's name?} is a soldier" then a player input of "Marco" will result in the prompt stating "Marco is your brother" while the memory states "Marco is a soldier". However, should the memory contain ""${what is your brother's name?} is a soldier" (with a lowercase W) then the user will instead face two input prompts at the start, one being "What is your brother's name?" and the other being "what is your brother's name?" This example also serves to demonstrate that the input syntax can be used in the memory independently of the prompt.


Main article: Memory

Memory is used to provide the AI with information that it is to remember throughout the course of the adventure. Players can access and change this information by clicking the memory pin or using the /remember command. This entry is limited to 1000 characters.Using memory, you can remind the AI of the existence of specific characters, objects, or locations and nothing special will need to be done for the AI to recall this information during an adventure. You will generally want to provide full sentences with as much context as possible so the AI can properly understand what you're conveying.Memory including the word "Rein" when trying to store your villain's name will mean very little to the AI, and it is just as likely to name a brand of cereal "Rein" as it is to apply the name to a character in their adventure.Memory including the sentence, "Rein is a corrupted sorcerer who terrorizes the Kingdom of Larion!" is much more information for the AI to work with, and your players will likely encounter rumors of Rein's evil machinations.


Main article: Quests

Quests provide goals in short, simple sentences to give your players a sense of direction. This entry is limited to 1000 characters.During an active adventure, quests can be found by opening the side-bar and selecting the "Quests" option.

discover the source of the attacks against Larion>locate Rein's hideoutdefeat Rein

The entry with the arrow will become the active Quest.

Scenario Options

Scenario Options are used to create new sub-scenario entries within your scenario that your players will choose from. You can create an option by clicking the + next to the text to Add a new scenario option. By creating and opening a new option, you'll be greeted with a clone of your scenario, titled, "Untitled option for [your scenario title]" to work with. The option will inherit the description, prompt, memory, scripts, and world info from the parent scenario upon creation, and from there you can modify it into a unique sub-scenario. With multiple options, you can allow players to play your scenario with multiple different prompts, scripts, world entries, and so on.

(Video) Bree Turner's AI Adventure: A Dramatic Reading

On the player's end, scenario options are seen as a numbered list of options to select from, just like the options available to you when you activate a new game. The options are formatted like this:

[The parent scenario's prompt appears here]1) Option 12) Option 23) Option 3

Scenario options are essentially scenarios, and therefore have their own Scripting, World Info, etc.


Music allows you to select from three tracks to play in the background of your scenario if the player has music enabled. The options are FANTASY, CREEPY, and SCI-FI, and is defaulted to NONE.


Main article: Tags

Tags are used to allow players using the Explore page to filter through stories that appeal to their interests, as well as to filter out stories that don't. You can create multiple tags to describe your adventure to give players more insight into what qualities your scenario will have for them. You can use this to tell players if your scenario has #scripts, #romance, or even #nickwalton.


Main article: NSFW

The NSFW toggle will flag your story as having NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, and will automatically apply the #nsfw tag to your scenario. Scenarios with this toggled on will not be shown to users who have "Filter NSFW Content" activated in their settings.


The Published toggle will post your story to the Explore page for other users to experience.

3rd Person

AI Dungeon will usually process your actions in 2nd Person. "You are thirsty, so you grab a much and knock it back for a refreshing swig of ale!"

(Video) 【AI Dungeon】Let's do some creative writing!【hololiveID 2nd generation】

The 3rd Person toggle will force the AI to filter that out, allowing you to take actions with your character in 3rd Person instead! "Devon is thirsty, so he grabs his mug and knocks it back for a refreshing swig of ale!"

This perspective works best for multiplayer scenarios where multiple players will be interacting, but it can be toggled on for single player scenarios as well.


Main article: Game Mode

AI Dungeon can be played in three different modes from your scenarios. CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, and HARDCORE.

CREATIVE mode is the standard AI Dungeon experience, where you have full access to Undo, Redo, Alter, Memory, Story and Retry.

ADVENTURE mode adds a level of difficulty to the experience, where you lose access to Alter and Story, but retain access to Undo, Redo, Memory, and Retry. In addition, dying in this mode will end an adventure!

HARDCORE mode takes the difficulty of Adventure mode one step further by denying access to Undo, Redo, Alter, Memory, Story and Retry completely. This mode will also end a player's run if their character dies! Not for the faint of heart!

Copy/Duplicate function

The Copy/Duplicate function is a button that basically copies the scenario and makes it as a copy, you also may notice that it has the word "Copy" when you duplicate/copy one of your scenarios. You also be in the copied version of the scenario, it'll have all the WI and memory stored in, just like the original scenario. The only difference with the copy/duplicate function, is that. It'll have it as a unpublished copy of the original scenario.Also, you may wonder, where you can find this kind of button.

(Video) Twitch makes a WORLD MAP?! (Age of Civilization 2)

  • My Stuff
  • Click on the Scenario section
  • Click the scenario or the clicking the book icon which, leads to the same page.
  • You should see a two outline paper icon, the front paper and the back paper is the the copy/duplicate function.

Save function

The Save function is a way of saving your scenarios/adventures, this function was added in order to prevent a weird bug that caused the index of the scenario being completely erased all together. Although if you exit of the menu, the updated date will change none the less, even if you didn't touch anything. note: it does auto-save everything, although with the save function (The task drive looking icon) is a safer way of saving your stuff.


Main article: Scripting

Scripts allow modding AI Dungeon with JavaScript that can control the text of your story, World Info, context, and more.

World Info

Main article: World Info

World Info allows players to add extra information to the worlds of their scenarios that will only be used when certain keys are activated. This can be used to provide definitions for anything from character and place descriptions, to explaining objects and verbs.

Tips for creating Scenarios

The site is full of scenarios which are only a few lines of prompt, but don't actually do anything. If someone could just type something into the custom-prompt menu, it's not really worth it.

A good scenario has one or more of the following...

  • A unique and interesting idea which one can't just have happen on its own.
  • A very long prompt, which really explains the world and sets the tone.
  • A default memory block which the player can use and make changes to throughout the adventure.
  • Enough well-crafted World Info entries that the AI will be kept on track with what's going on in the world.
  • Scripting which actively does things to make the game more interesting.

Also, don't forget to describe your scenario well, so people see what it is, and explain what's in it.


Can you swear in AI Dungeon? ›

AI Dungeon allows for unlimited roleplay and storytelling possibilities, and Latitude supports other NSFW material, including sex, violence, and swearing.

Is there anything better than AI Dungeon? ›

One of the finest alternatives to AI Dungeon available on iOS and Android devices is Magium. Android and Apple users may play the text-based adventure game Magium. It's everything here in this text-based adventure game! Your decisions will impact the game's outcome, whether you choose to play as a wizard or a warrior.

Does AI Dungeon have an ending? ›

Adventures do not have a set end (unless you die on Hardcore Mode), and can be continued until you decide they are over.

Is there a AI Dungeon 2? ›

It allows players to create and share their own custom adventure settings. The game's first version was made available on Google Colaboratory in May 2019, and its second version (initially called AI Dungeon 2) was released online and for iOS and Android in December 2019. The AI model was then upgraded in July 2020.

Is novel AI better than AI Dungeon? ›

What sets NovelAI apart from AI Dungeon is its approach to text generation. While AI Dungeon focused on making its AI work as a game with different modes of input for actions, dialogue, and story, NovelAI is more geared towards generating quality and cohesive prose as well as adapting to writing styles.

How much does it cost to run AI Dungeon? ›

It's a credit-based system — generating an image costs two credits, with credit limits ranging from 480 per month for the cheapest plan to 1,650 for the priciest ($29.99 per month). On the AI Dungeon client available through Valve's Steam marketplace, which is priced at $30, members get 500 credits with their purchase.

Is there an AI Dungeon master? ›

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure in which the AI plays the role of Dungeon Master, generating narrative and dialogue in response to any action you choose to take. It's made a serious splash in the gaming world, with more than 700,000 players as of March.

How long does it take to get full energy in AI Dungeon? ›

The energy bar will fully recharge every 8 hours or so, but you don't need to wait for it to be full. You can resume playing as soon as you have enough energy for the next AI output.

Who is the best dungeon master? ›

Matt Mercer is one of the most beloved people in the Dungeons and Dragons community. And that's really, truly saying something. Fans of the game love HARD, they lift community celebrities up to hero-like statuses. And no one is more heroic than a DM.

Can AI Dungeon write scripts? ›

Custom scripts on AI Dungeon scenarios allow you to modify the memory, input, and output as well as keep track of custom state objects that might be relevant for your adventure. You can write custom scripts in Javascript by going to the "Scripts" section while on web on the edit scenario page.

Which dungeon crawler is the best? ›

The 8 best dungeon crawler board games for adventurers
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft.
  • Escape The Dark Castle.
  • Betrayal at Baldur's Gate.
  • Arcadia Quest.
  • Adventure Games: The Dungeon.
  • Gloomhaven.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth.
  • Mice and Mystics.
26 Aug 2022

Does AI have a happy ending? ›

So they resurrect David's mother from a lock of her hair, but the resurrection can only last for one day. Once she falls asleep, she will die all over again. And so begins what David has longed for this whole journey – a perfect day with just him and his mommy, playing and laughing and loving and being loved.

Is Leah in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

Leah is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon. She is an athlete, and transforms into a Hammer. The player meets her in the Verona College on Semester 4.

Who is the villain in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

The charm of Boyfriend Dungeon comes largely from its unique characters, and antagonist Eric hasn't been short on negative attention. He functions as the game's main villain, both stalking and attempting to emotionally manipulate the player's character.

What is the best AI model on AI Dungeon? ›

Dragon Models. Dragon is the name typically given to the most powerful AI model in AI Dungeon.

How old should you be to play AI Dungeon? ›

The game is rated as 17+ on app stores, due in part to the ongoing nature of AI moderation as a perpetual work in progress, and the inherent problems of AI Dungeon's word association-based procedural story generation.

Does AI Dungeon save your story? ›

One playable implementation of AI Dungeon 2 includes an email registration system. This lets you save and retrieve previous adventures.

Is AI overhyped ML? ›

Yes, of course, it is; in the same way as VR and blockchain are. For the last few years, the power of AI is demonstrated by its advances into different areas and how it is transforming them in every possible way.

Is AI or Cs ML better? ›

Tech professionals specializing in AI and ML is super high, and hence, there is a crunch of employees in the market. Salary for the CSE employee starts from INR 3 lakh per annum, while that of a professional with an AI and ML background gets a job with INR 6 lakh per annum.

What is AI Dungeon coded in? ›

Gamer creator Nick Walton released AI Dungeon 2 last week, using the full 1.5B parameters version of OpenAI's superpowerful GPT-2 language model to build an infinite text-based fantasy game.

Is AI Dungeon like D&D? ›

AI Dungeon was partially inspired by Dungeons and Dragons when I realized that there were no games available that gave you the same freedom to do anything that I found in DnD.

How many players does AI Dungeon have? ›

AI Dungeon
MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days21.338
October 202221.236
September 202226.145
August 202238.387

What does the NSFW mean in AI Dungeon? ›

From AI Dungeon Wiki. You may be familiar with the acronym for "Not safe for work". Generally, it is used to refer to sexually explicit or very gory media. You can manually toggle NSFW in your adventure and scenario settings.

Do dungeon masters get paid? ›

Quite simply, a full-time Dungeon Master is someone who Dungeon Masters for 40 hours or more a week. Like a full-time job, except you are paid in the screams and terror of your players.

Is Vin Diesel a Dungeon Master? ›

Rodriguez called Diesel, 55, a "Dungeon Master," and added, "If you ever took a look at his closet, he's got all the paraphernalia of a Dungeons & Dragons fiend. He puts a lot of his Dungeon Master techniques into making movies and producing them." When asked if her costar was jealous, Rodriguez said, "Yeah it's great.

Is there a game like AI Dungeon? ›

AI Dungeon

What do Dragon scales do in AI Dungeon? ›

Scales are traded for Gold or Actions. You can also tip other players or creators using Scales. Actions are used for AI generations when using the ad-supported version of AI Dungeon.

Is AI Dungeon for kids? ›

Using your first name is probably fine too, unless it's an extremely unusual name. For kids, on the other hand, no. AI Dungeon has never been safe for children.

Can you have 2 Dungeon Masters? ›

It is possible for two people to co-DM, whether that be a thing they do at the same time, or achieve by taking turns as the active DM for a session while the other plays a PC (which could also be shared, if desired). The logistics of making it work depend heavily upon the two people that are attempting it, however.

Is DnD cool now? ›

Yes, D&D is back. But it's cool now (sort of). And legions are into it, including an unprecedented number of adult and female players, attracted by a popular recent revamp and new online playing options. It's the ultimate sign that nerd culture is now mainstream.

What race is Dungeon Master? ›

The Dungeon Master is a white-haired dwarfish planeswalker wizard who is known for assembling adventure parties. He is white/blue aligned.

Does AI Dungeon collect data? ›

We collect your data as a result of your sharing of your data with us. This may, for instance be information you enter into our contact form. Our IT systems automatically record other data when you visit our website.

Why scripts are useful in AI? ›

A script is a structured representation describing a stereotyped sequence of events in a particular context. Scripts are used in natural-language understanding systems to organize a knowledge base in terms of the situations that the system should understand.

What was the first dungeon crawler? ›

Widely considered the first dungeon crawler board game, this 1975 release set the standard for the genre. It featured four distinct character archetypes as well as tiered monster and treasure levels, making it feel very close in structure to Dungeons & Dragons.

Is doom a dungeon crawler? ›

The demon-infested grandaddy of Descent and Imperial Assault, Doom is another dungeon-crawler that's great not only for its sharp design, but for the crossover appeal potential in luring friends into tabletop.

Who betrayed AI? ›

With Sentarou betraying Ai, and that Ai vows revenge on both the villagers and the one person who had been by her side before being buried alive, it was then decreed that Ai plans to seek revenge.

Is AI a girl or boy? ›

Ai (given name)
PronunciationSimilar to the English word "Eye"
MeaningIn Japanese long 愛 or indigo 藍, in Chinese love, affection (愛), or mugwort (艾).
1 more row

Who is the true father of AI? ›

One of the greatest innovators in the field was John McCarthy, widely recognized as the father of Artificial Intelligence due to his astounding contribution in the field of Computer Science and AI.

Who is leahs boyfriend? ›

Leah, 30, and Jaylan, 26, went Instagram official with their relationship back in September 2021 after the MTV star posted a PDA photo with the United States Army officer.

Does Sunder always break up with you? ›

It turns out every ending with Sunder is the bad ending; no matter what you do, he'll break up with you.

Can you date Jonah in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

Jonah is one of the dateable weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon.

Can you date all characters in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

The narrative examines different facets to relationships and what people want without judgment. I liked how Boyfriend Dungeon doesn't lock you into one romance; you can date everyone if that's your style. I enjoyed getting to know a slew of different people but settled on K-pop idol Seven.

Do you have date Eric in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

Eric is a character in Boyfriend Dungeon and can be dated. The player is introduced to him by Jesse.

Can you romance multiple people in Boyfriend Dungeon? ›

The game tries to juggle both genres well, but the way it meshes these elements together doesn't always work. In the game, you can date up to seven characters at the same time.

Can you do anything in AI Dungeon? ›

Anything is possible. Literally anything. You can type any action you think of and the AI will try to generate a story off of it. It's not always perfect, but you'll be surprised at what's possible.

What language does AI Dungeon use? ›

Meet the Creator of AI Dungeon 2

Gamer creator Nick Walton released AI Dungeon 2 last week, using the full 1.5B parameters version of OpenAI's superpowerful GPT-2 language model to build an infinite text-based fantasy game.

How do you get NSFW scenarios in AI Dungeon? ›

You can manually toggle NSFW in your adventure and scenario settings. The #nsfw tag is added to all scenarios and adventures that have the NSFW setting toggled on, as well as some adventures that contain certain sensitive words. When NSFW is toggled off, the AI will avoid generating NSFW content.

Can a 10 year old play DnD? ›

I usually see 12 being recommended as the ideal age to start playing D&D. The rules can be a little complicated, and kids need to be able to think abstractly in order to enjoy playing the game. In my own D&D group, I work with middle school aged kids from ages 11-14.

Is DnD newbie friendly? ›

Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular tabletop RPG in the world and the entry point to the roleplaying hobby. Fifth Edition, the most recent version of the game, has been widely recognized as the most accessible and beginner-friendly edition yet.

Can a 7 year old go to London Dungeon? ›

No child or children under the age of 16 will be admitted to The London Dungeon unless accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 18 years or over. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to enter The London Dungeon. Please remember all tickets purchased are non-refundable.


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